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Report on the recent Haifa Perl Mongers Meeting

This is a report and some notes from the Haifa Perl Mongers meeting a while ago.

I arrived there by train from Tel Aviv with Sawyer, who was going to give the presentation about Moose. We met in the Arolozerov train station, and I was a little late since I noticed I had dressed too lightly for the cool weather. We bought tickets and went on the train to Haifa.

On the way we talked about Perl, C, C#, bugs in CPAN modules, Chuck Norris facts, and other stuff. We arrived at Haifa well ahead of time, and I led the way to the meeting at Qualcomm. As it turned out, the road I took was relatively sub-optimal because there was a way with more pavements going there. But we got there.

We entered Qualcomm, and saw Shmuel there and we were given tags for entrance (in exchange for our I.D. cards). We wanted to drink something and the cooler was broken, so we ended up using the tap. We waited for everyone else to arrive and in the meanwhile I munched on a croissant and a Rogalach.

Then the presentations started. Erez gave a good presentation about how to talk to newbies, where he said that a lot of the things we say are irrelevant. Asking people to add "use strict" will cause their scripts to stop running completely whereas they previously only had a bug, so it's not always the best strategy. The old "RTFM" mantra or "You can't just make shit up and expect the computer to know what you mean, retardo!" were also mentioned.

He then gave a few links where people can visit to help newcomers. He mentioned but I was disappointed that he didn't mention Perl-Begin - the Perl Beginners Site.

In any case, then Sawyer gave his presentation introducing Moose. It was a good presentation and the audience spent more time discussing it than last time he has given it in Tel Aviv. We spent a lot of time discussing the clearing methods which turned out to be equivalent to delete($self->{'myfield'}) or so. Then we discussed the compilation-time overhead of Moose where someone said it was unacceptable because it would mean his test suite composed of many scripts would run much slower. We then discussed about whether most people use all of the features in Moose, and whether it indicates code bloat and is worth the extra overhead.

Then the meeting ended and we walked to the train station and returned home. Erez took the train with us and on the way home we discussed Java, Matt S. Trout and Planet Iron Man, Lambda Calculus, the earlier discussions about Moose and other stuff. I tried to explain to them about Lambda Calculus and not sure I was successful, but you can read what I had written about it in my "Scheme and Lambda Calculus Lecture" and what Mark Jason Dominus wrote about it in Perl and Lambda Calculus.

So it was a very nice meeting and I greatly enjoyed it. Also see what Sawyer wrote about it, and what Erez wrote about the meeting.

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