May 3rd, 2020


Tech tips

These are several tech tips I accumulated.

Tip: Releasing / Uncapturing the keyboard input focus when using a KVM / virt-manager VM

In order to release the keyboard input focus when using KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and virt-manager one can press "left control" and "left alt" together (not "left shift"). This was described in this post from StackExchange, where it shows how to set it to a different key combination.

This was another post emulating Lisha Sterling's old "know where the ledge is" blog (which seems to have disappeared).

Tip: Vim: Setting a different Connection

If you are using Vim or neovim and wish to set a different connection (e.g: for copy+paste), you can use :let $DISPLAY = 'myremotehost.tld:0.0'. Other environment variables can be changed or set in a similar way using the dollar-sign notation.

Tip: GFile type in python3 / gi / Gio / Gtk+

The GFile type in python can be retrieved using the following idiom:

import gi
from gi.repository import Gio

FILE_TYPE = Gio.File.__gtype__


Tip: Search for file paths by pattern using DNF (on Fedora / CentOS / etc)

Using DNF one can search for file paths which are contained in uninstalled packages (similar to apt-file on Debian / Ubuntu / etc. or urpmf on Mageia) using dnf whatprovides '/usr/bin/start*'.


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