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Tech Tip: Tmux: Disabling the Time Display in the Status [Sep. 4th, 2013|02:06 pm]
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tmux is a usable and open source terminal multiplexer (that allows one to run several programs in the same terminal, detach them, split them into windows and viewports, etc.) which I've been happily using after switching to it from GNU screen. Some weeks ago, I noticed that if I keep tmux open in a konsole tab, then eventually that tab got highlighted as modified, even if there was no activity in the tab. I realised the problem had to do with the fact that tmux displays the current time by default.

In order to fix it, you can use a line like the following in your ~/.tmux.conf file:

set -g status-right '#H'

-g applies the assignment globally, and '#H' displays the hostname (and not the time or whatever else is there by default).

While searching for an answer, I ran into the powerline project which provides much more functionality, seems like an overkill for me, but may work for you.

Shanah Tovah to everyone!