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Report on the TelFOSS "Moose for Beginners" Meeting [Jan. 20th, 2010|02:35 pm]
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Last Sunday, Tel Aviv Open Source club (TelFOSS) met to listen to Sawyer's presentation about "Moose for Beginners". Despite the fact that the meeting was well-publicised, very few people came. Sawyer did not prepare a lot of slides and since there were not many questions he finished quickly. After all that, he went to demonstrate how to implement several use cases that the audience has proposed as Moose programs, and despite that we still finished early.

I asked about implementing an "XML parser", but in fact I wanted to implement a processor for a certain XML grammar. In any case, he misunderstood and told me to use Parse-RecDescent for that. I've grown to dislike P-RD for most stuff though.

In any case, I'm getting tired of the low attendance in TelFOSS meetings. We do so much work in organising and publicising the meetings, and most people don't bother to come. Are the people too busy? Did they run out of steam? Why don't they come? This makes me frustrating and unwilling to further organise the TelFOSS meetings.